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Why Register at DOLA?


I'd be sharing my experience. So far, studying with DOLA has changed my look at learning. It has allowed for more opportunities for me.

I had trouble following the use of techie handles, which made computing tasks difficult for me at my work place. I would deliberately go for tasks that I'd carry out manually. This, put a huge burden of self deficiency on me.

This tendency also affected me in other ways too.

Then, I started out with DOLA, and I discovered that most lessons were technologically based. Yea, that feeling right? But I was able to work my way through as we were consistently made to follow some technological instructions to actualize what we aim at.

I must say that those acts alone, improved my techie knowledge and increased my love for it. Now, I so much love technology and I am no longer nervous working with or on it.😊

So, are you like me or you want to be better at techie tools, register at;

Remember, at DOLA, you get to unlock the genius in you.

I am Gift Ifunanya!😊

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